Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready to go Home...

We finished dealing with the boat issues today, packed the container of parts and tools... locked it up. Now for packing our personal gear and a team dinner. Heading home tomorrow!


1 Jerome Le Gal / Enrick Obert FRA
2 Gavin Colby / Sasha Marks AUS
3 Darren Smith / Jasmine Hill AUS
4 William Edwards / Lucinda Edwards RSA
5 Aaron Worrall / Worst News AUS

A few more photos here

A BIG Thanks To Our Volunteers

We really had a lot of help from the local community. There were translators, beach guys for moving boats, office staff and more. Before the racing was called for the day, we had a presentation for all the great help we received during the month that we have been here. Some of the competitors bought bikes to get around town while they were here. These were donated for a drawing and a few of the beach guys won new bikes. Pretty cool. Their reactions were priceless! What a great group of people. Friendly, humble, gracious, kind and lots of fun. Thank you Weihai!

It's a Wrap!

Game over... no wind for the final day, so Jerome Legal wins it. Not without some final moments of concern for him earlier in the day. Rod Waterhouse pushed to re-open a protest from yesterday concerning a port starboard incident. Seems that Jerome's witness may not have been as close to the situation as he had said during the initial hearing. I believe they referenced mark rounding information to show this was the case.  Without the support for his case, Jerome was given a DSQ in that race. His throw of a 13 turned to a thrown DSQ. No change. Drama though... Seems Rule 69 was discussed. This would have meant he would keep the DSQ score. Party tonite!!!

I have some neat video from this afternoon. I'll post it in a bit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mid Day... ahhh hummmm... Nada

Final - Final Day

Wind is still light. It's warm and a bit humid, but a beautiful day! Signal boat is on site, boats are rigged... now the wait for wind. Jerome Legal is happy either way and Bruce Tardrew is incident free?

Finals Last Day ~ 7:30 am Wind Report

Wind? What Wind?

Finals Day One Photos

Is this guy serious? Port start a 55 boat field?

More Photos:

Finals - Last Day - 6am Wind Report

Well today is the last day of the 19th Hobie 16 World Championships Weihai, Shandon, China!

The SUN IS OUT and the WIND is, well, ????......on the way??

On-The-Water Photos 28th

We received some new on the water images from yesterday!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

AP is up... Postponed for lack of wind

Finals Underway

Checking in with many of the racers this morning...

Races are now underway. Race 1 of the finals was completed in less than perfect wind. Back on the beach now for a boat change and lunch. We are hoping for an increase about the time we also get a tide change to make it sail able, but we are not expecting a lot this afternoon. The sun is out and the gear is coming off, so the beach team is happy!

Finals Day One!!

Well, the finals start today!

The wind is in, a bit light, however it looks like a great day for's hoping for a great series.

Cut Party

Well, that's it... down to the final 56! Two days of racing to go!

Top Ten in the Semi's

Hobie 16 World Championships - Semi Overall Results Weihai, China 2010 Open World Championship

1 Jerome Le Gal Enrick Obert FRA 

1 Aaron Worrall Worst News AUS

3 Darren Smith Jasmine Hill AUS 9

4 William Edwards Lucinda Edwards RSA

5 Gavin Colby Sasha Marks AUS

6 Rod Waterhouse Kerry Waterhouse AUS

7 Cam Owen Susan Ferris AUS

8 Taylor Booth Emma Sturgeon AUS

9 Martin Orion Hilliard Charlotte FRA

10 Aldo Cailleux Titovan Galea FRA

The remainder of the Overall Results will be made available after announcement of Finalists at the Cut Party this evening.

Race 6 Wrap ... On To The Cut Party!

We finished the Semi-Finals! The day started out looking pretty grim, but the wind came through. With two sets of 3 in this round robin format, it gives each sailor 4 races. Two days of racing to go and a weather report that is calling for sun. Off to the cut party to see who makes it into the final 56! Tomorrow it is 56 boats on the water and likely back to back races with a boat change at the lunch break only.

Top 10 as of this afternoon

5 is Done.. 6 is On The Water

We had winds of about 15 kts for race 5. The day has shaped up a bit, all but the rain...still sprinkling a bit. We are hoping for better weather tomorrow, but hey... we are racing, so this is good. Race 5 is off. Jason Waterhouse over-early. Hope he knows!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Race 4 Done... Race 5 On The Water

We have completed race 4 and turned the boats back around in record time. Race 5 is on the water... Looks like we will have a complete semi-final series after all! Cut party tonite!

Results are up

Semi Day 3 - OFF THE BEACH!

They have left the beach finally. Doing a 3 set rotation, we have to complete another 3 to get an even mix for the fleet. Cut is planned for tonite, so they will be pushing hard to get 3 today. Beach turn overs will be quick! 50 in... inspected, signed in and 50 then inspected, tuned and signed out. We can do it in about 20 minutes usually, so may be trying for faster even. Depends on the last straggler to the beach.

9:30 AM - Weather Update

6am WIND and FOG report

Well, today is the final day of racing before the "CUT PARTY" tonight. Sailors are hoping for more WIND and less FOG...........

This WIND and FOG Report is brought to you by; Kleenex® Brand Tissues which will be used tonight as they only take the top 56 sailors into the finals!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Can't Stand The Rain

I Can't Stand The Rain (Music Video by Seal)

Rain... rain... rain - No Wind

Day One Wrap

Semi ~ Jerome Le Gal ~ Day 1 GURU

Jerome Le Gal ~ Day 1 GURU

For a larger photo of Day 1 GURU:

A few other ones:

Semi-Finals ~ Day 1 Water Photos

Matt and I managed to get on the water today. here are just a few..

More Photos

Semi-Finals ~ Day 1 Beach Photos

With each series brings new faces......Here are just a few....

More Photos

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On-The-Water Report!

Hey, Pretty cool. We don't get to go on the water at these events. Our place is to keep track of the boats on the beach and be ready to do the boat change and make repairs asap when needed. Steve arranged for a chase boat to get us to the weather mark to shoot a few mark roundings. GWTF was a bit nervous when the boat was too slow to get us back before the first boats, but we had fun out there!

Checking-in with Some Top Skippers

Main Event Underway!

We are into the main event. Second race is already started. Morning video will be up shortly. We were invited to get on the water for a few roundings during the first race and barely made it back to the beach for the boat change. I will have some on-the-water footage uploaded a bit later.

Series 3 ~ Cut Party Photos

Did I make the cut?

More Photos:

Qualifications Complete

Tonite we find out who has made it into the Semi finals!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nice Side Shore 12-16 kts

We are into the final day of qualifying. 3 Races back-to-back is expected. They are in race two already (11:30 Local). Once they get back on shore and the boats are checked in, the beach team will be doing some maintenance on all 60 boats to prep for the Semi and Final. Tramps will get tensioned and other items inspected. Heavy rain is expected this afternoon... oh Joy!

Qualifiers party tonite!

Series 3 ~ Day 2 Photos

In between checking the boats in and out, we manged to find the time to run off a few snaps......

More photos at:

25 2GO race

Monday, August 23, 2010

Qualifier Day 2 Morning Report

Series Three Photos ~ Day One

A few photos from the start of series three, day 1.

More photos at:

Mid day on the beach

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Qualifier Series is Underway

Series Three ~ 5:30 am Wind Report

Series Three kicks off today and sailors will be greeted with a NNE wind direction at around 16++ knots. The sea and swell is coming up and some of the Hobie beach crew had to shift boats late last night due to rising tide.

The big news for the Hobie Worlds beach crew is that the daily high temperatures and high humidity have gone for now. Who would have thought that the grey skies and light drizzle would be so welcome… stay tuned for race updates.

Series Two Winners ~ Womens & Youth

Hobie Cat 16 Worlds ~ Youth

1st Jason Waterhouse Lisa Darmanin AUS

2nd Benjamin Deguine Benjamin Roulant FRA

3rd James Wierzbowski Pip Pietromonaco AUS

Hobie Cat 16 Worlds ~ Womens

1st Natalie Hill Jasmine Hill AUS

2nd Charlotte Picou Julie Avron FRA

3rd Alizée Angibaud Constance Huard FRA

Photo Gallery

Sooo... Where the heck are we?

Weihai is on the East coast of China and just across the sea from North Korea.

Lat   37°31'35.16"N   Lon   122° 2'3.10"E

If you use Google Earth you can zoom right in using the Latitude / Longitude.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Storm Coming?

We have been baking in the sun. Temperature was recorded as 97 in the tent with a "feels-like" reading of 107. On the sand it was as high as 113 / 45 c!

Well, that has changed a bit. We have a storm coming through. Temperature has dropped to a more comfortable level. The wind is predicted to reach as high as 35 knots, so the local harbormaster has asked the race committee to come in off the water. Boats got their sails down just as the first wave of wind came through. We are all tied down and on hold.


Races were called off for today at around 3PM. Nat Hill wins Women and Jason Waterhouse wins the Youth event. The 35 knots has yet to reach us. We had some 20s for a bit, but the big one missed. All the better to keep the boats on one piece for the main event!

Checking in with the leaders

We check in with the leaders of Women's and Youth's to see how they stand and what they hope for today. Natalie Hill leads the Women's by 9 points... Jason Waterhouse leads the Youth event by 9 as well. Both are from Australia and VERY talented Hobie 16 sailors.

The China Worlds Beach Team

Each time we have a Hobie Cat 16 Worlds (in the Hobie Australia or Hobie USA’s region) a Hobie Worlds Beach Team is put together. This year, the team was put together by Hobie Cat Australasia's managing Director, Steve Fields.

Steve made the comments: "For me it is all about the sailors and the Hobie 16 Worlds experience. For some it is their first Hobie Cat Worlds and for others one of many. We hand pick the team that can handle working away from home, working in rain and tropical conditions and work as part of a team. For the last few Hobie Cat 16 Worlds we have had the same beach crew. This comes at a cost to the company but the net result is a better Hobie Cat 16 Worlds for the sailors. This is also helpful for the race committee who have the job of getting races in no matter what the conditions throw at them or us. In the Hobie Cat 16 Worlds, boat turn-around is critical. I think our best time is 12 minutes to turn-around 56 boats. That’s not bad in my book.”

“The Beach Team”

Series 2 ~ Day 2 Photos

Just a few photos to keep you up to speed with Series 2 ~ Day 2......

Top mark, just off the beach, great viewing

Morning Beach Scene

The Hobie Way of Life....
Link to Photo Pages

Afternoon Cruise

We have to work pretty hard here in Weihai when the boats leave the beach.... Not! Here is a smattering of the goings-on during the day while the racers are out. I also fulfill a request for on-the-water footage of the boats... from in the water. It's pretty shallow at low tide and I took my little Olympus waterproof out about 100 yards / 92 Meters off the beach to catch a little action upon the boats return. Best I can do short of getting on a chase boat... maybe?

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Worlds Hobie 16

We share what makes a Worlds Event Hobie 16. These boats are pretty much stock. Most of the race goodies are included when you buy a US or Australian boat. We tweak a few things and set them up to take the abuse of a long event. We did some estimates a few Worlds ago... the typical boat here will see use similar to a full year of hard racing for the typical Hobie race season.

Groundhog Day! Off the Beach!

We are starting to go a bit crazy here. We've been here since early August building boats and preparing. Now we are into the second series, second day... same as yesterday, Hot, Humid and Off the Beach! Repeat... repeat... repeat till August 30th. We have a way to go! During the next series things get a lot more hectic with more racers and more boat changes. During the semi we will be doing the full Worlds boat change every race, so we are enjoying the slow pace for now. Small group... less change-overs.

Series 2 ~ Day 1 Photo Time!

Series one was a blast! Now we are into Series Two which is the Hobie 16 Youth and Hobie 16 Women's classes. So we have pleanty of new faces and photos to look at..We even managed to sneek out onto the race course for some great action.

Just before "OFF THE BEACH"

Guess Who?

Had to share this.....

Photo Page

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Afternoon Off The Beach!

Women and Youth Events Underway

GWTF Reports

And the winners are..

1st Rod Waterhouse Kerry Waterhouse  AUS Master

2nd William Edwards Lucinda Edwards RSA Master

3rd Bob Engwirda Worst News AUS Master

1st Anthony Duchatel Evelyn Curtis AUS GrandMaster

2nd Harry Handley Peter Evrard NZL GrandMaster

3rd Bruce Tardrew Sarah Turnbull Aus GrandMaster

More Photos on the Photo Page!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waterhouse with another 1st

Ya think he won the Masters Overall? Official results are not yet released, but I have my insider's angle on this one... Oh Yeah!

Images Images Images!

A nice selection of images provided by the IHCA and local organizers. From the opening to on the water!

Afternoon Off The Beach!

Hobie Worlds Twitter

Mark roundings and scores right from the committee boat:

Day 4 Morning Video

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mid Day Off The Beach

Beach Action Day 3

Day 3

We have just finished the first two races and the sailors are back on the beach. Rod Waterhouse placed third in the first, but hoizoned in the second. Double trapping going on. Hot, clear and a PERFECT sailing day.

Funny fact of the day: We did an informal pole of the beach team's combined experience in sailing. Took a few of us a while to count back that far :)  With the nine guys we have here... 297 combined years of sailing and racing.

We are being well protected by members of the Chinese Military Police.

Video blog of the morning to follow shortly!

Photo Time Day 2 Series One

Busy day with lots of racing.......

Day Two - Done!

5 Races Today.

Results are going up pretty quick now on the event site. We had printed results on the beach before all the boats had made it back. The rest of the event site is lagging.
Worlds Results Page

Waterhouse... 3 more 1st Place Finishes

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aussies are SO Polite!

Kevlar took the waterproof camera for a swim as the boats left the beach. How many guys say "Thank You!" as they get run over?

Mid-Day Update

Rod Waterhouse took another 1st today. William Edwards also took a first in this morning's races. They are on the water again after lunch for, an intended, 3 additional races back-to-back.

Sunny, 91 degrees and about 10 kts or a bit more.

Beach Action Day 2

Wind is filling in a bit!

Day 2... the wait for wind

We are ready. The sailors should be down soon. The wind?  Not sure. Forcast is for 3 kts. Currently lite onshore breeze.

Aug 17 Day 2 - 7:30am Wind Report

7:30 am Wind Report.......

Aug 17 Day 2 - 5:00 am Wind Report

5am Wind Report.......

Photo Time Day 1

Ok, Photos from day one now posted.......a small sample............