Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top Ten in the Semi's

Hobie 16 World Championships - Semi Overall Results Weihai, China 2010 Open World Championship

1 Jerome Le Gal Enrick Obert FRA 

1 Aaron Worrall Worst News AUS

3 Darren Smith Jasmine Hill AUS 9

4 William Edwards Lucinda Edwards RSA

5 Gavin Colby Sasha Marks AUS

6 Rod Waterhouse Kerry Waterhouse AUS

7 Cam Owen Susan Ferris AUS

8 Taylor Booth Emma Sturgeon AUS

9 Martin Orion Hilliard Charlotte FRA

10 Aldo Cailleux Titovan Galea FRA

The remainder of the Overall Results will be made available after announcement of Finalists at the Cut Party this evening.

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