Monday, August 9, 2010

Hard to find good help...

Its hard to find good help, but Kev is pretty good for a little guy.

First 15 Boats are Unloaded

15 Boats Packed into a 40 foot Container

First 15 of the 60 New 16s to be built

Hopper, Steve and Brooks Discussing Logistics

Competitor's Country Flags are up

The Build Begins

The 5th container has yet to arrive, but we are moving forward in anticipation of its arrival later this morning.

Ya think Kev loves Hobie?

I think Kevin Winchester "Kevlar" is the number one Hobie fan. Hobie racer, former Hobie dealer and beach team regular. Kev always has a helping hand and a positive ... and often funny outlook on things. He had a pretty nice Hobie "tat"on his shoulder last time we got together. Well, it's been improved! Kev says it has to do with the direction of his life. Check it out!

4 out of 5 is good right?

We received 4 of the 5 containers today. Problem is... the 5th has all the tents, tools, boat dollies... all the stuff we need to start building boats. Soooo, we are still holding. We hope to get number 5 in the morning. Hey, I like a day off like anybody, but when the work week is reduced and the work load stays the same? Yikes! We shop for tools tomorrow if it doesn't get here by noon!

Container #4 arrives

Hobie Beach Team gets some training in

Some of our beach team (Kev, Pete and Dave) can't just sit around waiting. They got a bit of training in over the past few days in preperation for the boat building event. I suspect these trips to the gym will be un-needed in the next week. This is no picnic on the beach! Its hot, muggy and we have a LOT to do!

Hobie Beach Team Training