Monday, August 16, 2010

Aussies are SO Polite!

Kevlar took the waterproof camera for a swim as the boats left the beach. How many guys say "Thank You!" as they get run over?

Mid-Day Update

Rod Waterhouse took another 1st today. William Edwards also took a first in this morning's races. They are on the water again after lunch for, an intended, 3 additional races back-to-back.

Sunny, 91 degrees and about 10 kts or a bit more.

Beach Action Day 2

Wind is filling in a bit!

Day 2... the wait for wind

We are ready. The sailors should be down soon. The wind?  Not sure. Forcast is for 3 kts. Currently lite onshore breeze.

Aug 17 Day 2 - 7:30am Wind Report

7:30 am Wind Report.......

Aug 17 Day 2 - 5:00 am Wind Report

5am Wind Report.......

Photo Time Day 1

Ok, Photos from day one now posted.......a small sample............

First Day Action on the Beach