Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready to go Home...

We finished dealing with the boat issues today, packed the container of parts and tools... locked it up. Now for packing our personal gear and a team dinner. Heading home tomorrow!


1 Jerome Le Gal / Enrick Obert FRA
2 Gavin Colby / Sasha Marks AUS
3 Darren Smith / Jasmine Hill AUS
4 William Edwards / Lucinda Edwards RSA
5 Aaron Worrall / Worst News AUS

A few more photos here

A BIG Thanks To Our Volunteers

We really had a lot of help from the local community. There were translators, beach guys for moving boats, office staff and more. Before the racing was called for the day, we had a presentation for all the great help we received during the month that we have been here. Some of the competitors bought bikes to get around town while they were here. These were donated for a drawing and a few of the beach guys won new bikes. Pretty cool. Their reactions were priceless! What a great group of people. Friendly, humble, gracious, kind and lots of fun. Thank you Weihai!

It's a Wrap!

Game over... no wind for the final day, so Jerome Legal wins it. Not without some final moments of concern for him earlier in the day. Rod Waterhouse pushed to re-open a protest from yesterday concerning a port starboard incident. Seems that Jerome's witness may not have been as close to the situation as he had said during the initial hearing. I believe they referenced mark rounding information to show this was the case.  Without the support for his case, Jerome was given a DSQ in that race. His throw of a 13 turned to a thrown DSQ. No change. Drama though... Seems Rule 69 was discussed. This would have meant he would keep the DSQ score. Party tonite!!!

I have some neat video from this afternoon. I'll post it in a bit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mid Day... ahhh hummmm... Nada

Final - Final Day

Wind is still light. It's warm and a bit humid, but a beautiful day! Signal boat is on site, boats are rigged... now the wait for wind. Jerome Legal is happy either way and Bruce Tardrew is incident free?

Finals Last Day ~ 7:30 am Wind Report

Wind? What Wind?

Finals Day One Photos

Is this guy serious? Port start a 55 boat field?

More Photos:

Finals - Last Day - 6am Wind Report

Well today is the last day of the 19th Hobie 16 World Championships Weihai, Shandon, China!

The SUN IS OUT and the WIND is, well, ????......on the way??

On-The-Water Photos 28th

We received some new on the water images from yesterday!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

AP is up... Postponed for lack of wind

Finals Underway

Checking in with many of the racers this morning...

Races are now underway. Race 1 of the finals was completed in less than perfect wind. Back on the beach now for a boat change and lunch. We are hoping for an increase about the time we also get a tide change to make it sail able, but we are not expecting a lot this afternoon. The sun is out and the gear is coming off, so the beach team is happy!

Finals Day One!!

Well, the finals start today!

The wind is in, a bit light, however it looks like a great day for's hoping for a great series.

Cut Party

Well, that's it... down to the final 56! Two days of racing to go!

Top Ten in the Semi's

Hobie 16 World Championships - Semi Overall Results Weihai, China 2010 Open World Championship

1 Jerome Le Gal Enrick Obert FRA 

1 Aaron Worrall Worst News AUS

3 Darren Smith Jasmine Hill AUS 9

4 William Edwards Lucinda Edwards RSA

5 Gavin Colby Sasha Marks AUS

6 Rod Waterhouse Kerry Waterhouse AUS

7 Cam Owen Susan Ferris AUS

8 Taylor Booth Emma Sturgeon AUS

9 Martin Orion Hilliard Charlotte FRA

10 Aldo Cailleux Titovan Galea FRA

The remainder of the Overall Results will be made available after announcement of Finalists at the Cut Party this evening.