Friday, August 20, 2010

The Worlds Hobie 16

We share what makes a Worlds Event Hobie 16. These boats are pretty much stock. Most of the race goodies are included when you buy a US or Australian boat. We tweak a few things and set them up to take the abuse of a long event. We did some estimates a few Worlds ago... the typical boat here will see use similar to a full year of hard racing for the typical Hobie race season.

Groundhog Day! Off the Beach!

We are starting to go a bit crazy here. We've been here since early August building boats and preparing. Now we are into the second series, second day... same as yesterday, Hot, Humid and Off the Beach! Repeat... repeat... repeat till August 30th. We have a way to go! During the next series things get a lot more hectic with more racers and more boat changes. During the semi we will be doing the full Worlds boat change every race, so we are enjoying the slow pace for now. Small group... less change-overs.

Series 2 ~ Day 1 Photo Time!

Series one was a blast! Now we are into Series Two which is the Hobie 16 Youth and Hobie 16 Women's classes. So we have pleanty of new faces and photos to look at..We even managed to sneek out onto the race course for some great action.

Just before "OFF THE BEACH"

Guess Who?

Had to share this.....

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