Saturday, August 21, 2010

Storm Coming?

We have been baking in the sun. Temperature was recorded as 97 in the tent with a "feels-like" reading of 107. On the sand it was as high as 113 / 45 c!

Well, that has changed a bit. We have a storm coming through. Temperature has dropped to a more comfortable level. The wind is predicted to reach as high as 35 knots, so the local harbormaster has asked the race committee to come in off the water. Boats got their sails down just as the first wave of wind came through. We are all tied down and on hold.


Races were called off for today at around 3PM. Nat Hill wins Women and Jason Waterhouse wins the Youth event. The 35 knots has yet to reach us. We had some 20s for a bit, but the big one missed. All the better to keep the boats on one piece for the main event!

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