Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last night Hooper, Matt, Skewes and Dave joined Tong Shing for dinner. He is the China dealer based in Hong Kong. We walked up the street to the right of the hotel. A wide sidewalk fronts many restaurants and bars with tented dining tables in the open air. The street and walkways were full of holiday folk enjoying the night air. Tong Shing had found this place the night before, to host a party this weekend. The owner offered to have him sample the menu she would offer. What we experienced is said to be traditional Chinese. One plate after the next of delightful tastes. Starting with beer of course... Funny thing with Tong Shing, you never actually finish one beer. Hummm? I feel like it was more, but I swear I only finished one. :)

Sushi, ribs, sliced beef to be rolled on lettuce or mint(?) leafs with peppers, garlic, onion and a lightly spiced red sauce, steamed oysters, steamed clams, duck with small crepes and a soy sauce, chicken wings, chicken wings with honey, fruit. I'm sure I have forgotten something. We were bursting at the seams.

What a nice end to a hard day of work. Sitting out in the warm ocean air. Having dinner and a beer(s?) with a great bunch of Hobie people!

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